Friday, September 12, 2008

Ugh, bureaucracy

Well, so much for the market idea. I'll still go, but it's definitely not worth the odd trip. The casual fees are astronomical, there's a novels worth of paperwork to fill out, you need ridiculous amounts of PLI and they don't supply shade or tables. So i'll wait until i'm not pregnant and slowly accumulate all I need by then-unless I hit the jackpot it'll take me weeks to recoup the setup costs.

So many ideas ditched simply because they're bad *sigh*


Julie said...

Hey can I ask which market? I'm in HB and own Twins in Cloth - been meaning to do the markets for yonks!

Kelly said...

Hi! It was the Maryborough street markets on a Thursday. You can pick up the paperwork from the information centre here. It's $28 for a casual stall and you can only confirm if they have a spot for you the day before. You need 10mil PLI and to supply all your own display gear, and your car has to be out by 8.30 and you can't bring it back in to pack up until at least 1.30. Definitely too much effort for me right now! But I think it would be well worth it.

Julie said...

Ahhh Market Day - no I was thinking the weekend markets - Nikenbah, Urangan, MSHS and Woolies. It's not as expensive.