Monday, September 15, 2008

Thankfully, i'm done

These have been my background project for a few weeks now-when I haven't had anything much else to do, or when i've wanted something that doesn't require much brainpower i've continued on. However, I got a bit sick of the stack sitting there and hammered away at them last weekend so I could shove them in the stock box and stop looking at them!


RIP Basic Fitteds! They're up on the site in bulk packs, however I need more stock. D starts work this week so i'll have less time, but some money to buy more fabric will be fantastic!


TheCrone said...

Oh man those nappies look gorgeous!

Miss Goblin is starting to TT herself so there is no need for me to look and lust over nappies but gosh, you make them well!

Kelly said...

Why thankyou Crone!