Sunday, June 13, 2010

I shall call you rump, and you sirloin

As part of our efforts to eat well and ethically, here is next years dinner.
They have no names, they are just 'the moos'. They were five weeks old when we got them a week ago, originally from a Friesian dairy herd which has no use for boys like ours. I wondered if it would be hard to raise animals for eating, but so far it's not at all-sure they're cute, but their final destination is first and foremost in our minds. I now understand when people say it's not like eating your cat. I saw the husband playing with them and crooning to them, and thought uh oh, he's getting attached...........then got closer and realised he was saying to them 'I'm gonna eat you. You're gonna to be delicious!' Pick the family that hasn't eaten any meat for a year.............

But for now they can gambol around the paddock, eat our long grass and save us slashing, and give us lots of bedding straw and cowpats for the garden. Most definitely a good multiple use animal.

Friday, June 11, 2010

And to commemorate my 100th post........

I bring you snail racing.
 Just another strange weekday in a home educating family really.