Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have reclaimed the mojo

I haven't crocheted anything for ages. I made a half-hearted attempt at a baby blanket when we arrived here but ditched it before i'd finished the first row. I couldn't find anything I actually wanted to make-hating following patterns doesn't help.
I started a pair of pants for #5 the other day though and I think I may stick with them. I had an idea a while back on how to make pants with minimal sewing (because I loathe extensive stitching pieces together). It's acrylic as I simply *don't* handwash so don't really use longies.

And after venturing to the shops to buy the girls more summer clothes the other day and swooning in shock (once they hit size 3 everything seems to double in price-$22 for a cotton dress with three needing at least two dresses each? I think not) I decided making is really the only option. So I bought this awesome Japanese print cotton to go with some brown cotton I already had for a pinny. I think it's Holli's turn to get something-they keep track for me anyway :P

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