Saturday, April 24, 2010

And stuff

Hmm, life. Has been difficult lately. But i'll skip that.

12 in 12 March challenge-a stuffed ambulance for Master R, who turned 4 earlier this month, but seems to think he's in the terrible twos instead, if the massive screaming fits are anything to go by.I also made him a bag for his cars, but the pics for that are still in the camera.

I didn't stabilise it because our power set up won't run an iron. And I CBB doing fiddly wheels, so I drew them on with a laundry marker. So shoot me. He loves it. 'Look, I is dwiving the amboolance!'


Apart from that I have gone blank. I've done so much but none of it seems like something I feel like blogging about. But I feel some rants coming on in the next few days, should be fun.