Sunday, September 28, 2008

More nappies

I rue the day I ever got the cutting bug-because I never caught up with it and now i'm stuck finishing off a pile of stuff I don't want to do because I can't bear to see it sit there. But on the upside, other than a few newborn covers I need to make i'm pretty prepared for two in cloth again!

Every now and again I decide to made an overlocked nappy to see if I like them-I never do. They look so unfinished and I hate the frills sticking out everywhere. This one has an outer of quilters cotton, a body layer of hemp and an inner of microfleece, with a snap-in booster of two layers of bamboo wrapped in microfleece and matching cotton.

This one is a cotton/viscose outer, two bodies of flannelette with a hidden bamboo/needlefelt booster, plus a snap-in booster of two layers of bamboo shaped like the one above. Much better turned!
I have about four more to finish off then the cut pile is gone. And I won't be cutting anything out again without wanting to do it right now! The rest are girly though, i'm still pondering what to actually do with those.

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