Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm awesome, go me!

Life is insane at present. This is coming from someone who had twins turn five today, with all the associated effort and cake making and such over the last few days. BUT...........I fulfilled the February challenge, and made something with knit. Better yet, it's something for myself, so surely I now fulfil January too?

I started off by wanting to make that*darn*kat undies, but only had old t-shirts to use-nothing with lycra for the waist/legbands. So I pulled out some fabric from the stash and made myself a half-circle skirt, with attached waistband with cased elastic. I've been trying to be less of a perfectionist so it's not absolutely perfect, but you know what? No-one else would ever notice. Even I don't now it's finished.

 And I know 'the rules' say not to use a directional print on a circle skirt, but you know what? Rules are made to be broken, i think it looks great.

So from now on it's deep breath, relax, doesn't matter if it's somewhat wonky-I need to make more stuff as I have seven in the family who all want clothing/toys/dressups, so speed is more important than first-quality topstitching. Or topstitching at all!

Now to check on the March topic.............


Liz said...

Gorgeous skirt! It looks perfect to me :) And comfy!

Queen of the Natives said...

Great skirt Kelli :) I love the print! You didn't really just have that lying around? It's too pretty. What did you make for your girls birthday? I'd love to see pics, it might inspire me. Hope you and Daniel are thriving. Lesson hol's for us in a few week, do you think you'd be up for a visit?

Kelly said...

The only real problem was with the waistband-it stretched slightly more on the bottom. So it doesn't sit perfectly flat, but after five kids my waistbands don't get seen anyway :P

Yes I did have it lying around, i'm always buying gorgeous stuff and waiting until a project comes along for it! I've been slack with birthday uploading, if I leave it a couple more weeks I can do all five at once. And yes, we're always up for a visit from you guys :) Make it an overnighter and we can have a campfire, go swimming in the creek, whack stuff with sticks (cos you have boys.......:P)