Friday, March 12, 2010

Peasant dress

Terrible pic, but I don't have a camera ATM, so this was quickly snapped pulled straight from the (clean) washing pile. A neat little sundress for Miss H, made using the free Oliver+S Popover Sundress pattern. They're ladybugs on the yoke and straps :)

As usual, the size that fits them in length is too wide, but that's easily fixed. It's a really cute dress, I didn't like it to begin with but it's grown on me, it's very little-girlish and innocent. The husband has christened it the peasant dress. And it only took an hour or so to complete so i'll definitely be making more!

The next 12 in 12 challenge is a softie, which works out beautifully for me-I was going to make Master R an bee-bah ambulance for his birthday early next month. He adores anything with wheels, especially if it makes lots of noise. It just means i'll have to listen to his very piercing deaf voice allllll day!


Saminda said...

Kelly, it's gorgeous. :) Add a couple to your shop and I'll buy them for Saraya! xo

Kelly said...

Copyrighted unfortunately! But I have been musing on switching to making more clothes to take to markets lately...........I think i'm getting all nappied out!