Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, here we are in February, and I sort of haven't done the January challenge for the 12 in 12 in 2010. I feel like a naughty schoolkid.

I had the best intentions, honestly I did. I sat down one night when the husband went to bed early and started doodling-I had a pile of kids clothes ideas in my head that I wanted to get on paper and start refining. And one of the ideas for a pair of pants looked really, really cool. So cool that I want it for me, but as shorts.

 Now I know it's not the sort of artsy concept drawing that one is supposed to blog, but it was all I could be bothered doing at 10.30pm. I'm thinking I may be able to squeeze them in as February's challenge, which is knit fabric, as I wanted to do them in a t-shirt style fabric anyway. The only problem may be finding some of sufficient quality-all the Spotlight stuff has no stretch memory. Hopefully with a stash of great knit fabric, i'll also be able to finally make some That*Darn*Kat undies for my skinny butt kids-I only bought the pattern a year ago.

Now, to tear myself away and back to work-oh, it's so glamourous being able to 'work your own hours'. Snort!

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