Monday, February 1, 2010

Food gardens, January 2010

If i'm going to hit my target of 20% of our food being home grown this year, I need to expand! The current gardens are below. We let everything die off when we went to Melbourne in October, and it was too hot and dry to start again until the rain hit in late December. So it's pretty woeful ATM.

The vegie beds-the left is under a green manure, the right has malabar spinach climbing up the reo, a few ramblers, a round zucchini and a couple of strawberries. I just can't seem to get out there ATM-there's room for another three beds to be marked out and dug.

The herb bed, right outside the door-chives, garlic chives, society garlic, perennial basil, parsley, italian parsley, curry bush, a tiny red malabar spinach and two cherry tomatoes.

The food forest, more of a hodge-podge of permaculture ideas crossed with Jackie French's groves. Off the top of my head, mandarine, lemonade, malabar chestnut, Darwin bush lime, jaboticaba, wampi, pomegranate, black sapote, white sapote, native tamarind, macadamia.........and I forget the rest.

A lime, plus tropical apple, peach and pear, with mint and lemongrass in the pots. The chooks have had a mulch party by the looks of it, they've already eaten all the lemongrass.

More fruit trees ready to go in........somewhere. Plus a purple and yellow passionfruit to cover the ugly shed wall.

Apart from some nasturtiums and native flax in the fairy garden, a lemon tree in the middle of an unused (unfenced) circle bed and the bananas and paw paw around the mulch pit that's it. There's not much in the way of soil here (think gravel over solid rock) so establishing beds takes a bit of work. We're also concentrating more on low-maintenance perennials as i'd rather easy food that doesn't die when I don't get around to looking at it for a few weeks!


arromyf said...

Wow, everything looks so green and vibrant :) So, your turn for lunch LOL.

Kelly said...

Hmmm......all I have edible ATM is malabar spinach and herbs. Don't know whether that's your idea of gourmet ;P