Monday, November 2, 2009

Where’s the cluck?

I spent five or so years being insanely clucky. Even while pregnant I couldn’t wait to get pregnant with the next one. The result? Five children in just under five years, as my husband is just as bad as me. But the youngest is now ten months old, and the thought of ever being pregnant again terrifies me. It’s so strange to finally just not want any more kids. I never thought it would go away. But I cannot think of anything worse than being pregnant again, or giving birth again, or having a newborn again.

I think having bigger kids is the clincher-bigger kids are awesome. While they’re off having fun the baby has me chained to the couch feeding him. While i’m playing games with them the baby is crying. I have had enough of babies. Babies are just plain annoying and work intensive. At every milestone he reaches i’m happy, as it means he’s getting bigger and therefore won’t be so much work!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore him and appreciate him, and take every available opportunity to enjoy him. But i’m oh so glad i’ll never have to go through all the shitty parts of it again.


Photography By Melissa Harris said...

Oh so there's an end to the clucky feeling ??? THANK GOD ! here i was thinking i'd end up with 62 kids and still want more ! 5 is the magic number ??? almost there! 2 to go :P

Kelly said...

Haha! Now you just have to convince him of that!

I was predicting i'd end up with massive amounts, as you'd well know. But it has to end sometime I suppose.