Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewing for me!

Based on the recent 'must be more selfish' decision, I made something for myself. Hasn't happened in six or so years (corresponding with first pregnancy/first house purchase). Must do more of it!

A simple pair of shorts, based on the elastic waist wrap pants over at IndieTutes. I liked the style, with the open sides, no ties, and curved corners, so decided to give it a shot.


 And no, I don't have a head-I am not making my blog debut with a picture taken at 6.30 in the morning!

I really like them overall-the comfy, cool but not flashy.I'll make more, but in cotton-these are a cotton/lycra blend pinwale cord, which was the only thing I had in a suitable colour. Because of the lycra I should have faced the front of the waistband (only the back third or so is elasticised), it's too smooshy. But other than that, perfect fit, which is saying a lot for my picky self!

I have visions of a smoky blue pair with a reverse appliqued vine up the leg...........

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