Monday, June 23, 2008


Well. After being near-crippled by the most intense exhaustion and morning sickness i’ve had in four pregnancies i’m feeling slightly human again. And after much more debate and deliberation, and a near change of mind, we’re off to Queensland this week. Last week I had a hissy fit and decided we were not going, it was all too hard after the past few months of being sick while my house was turned upside-down to complete the painting and do the floors, not to mention hundreds of other little jobs. The husband agreed, being the one who actually had to do all the work meant he was feeling extremely burnt out and in need of a good rest. So we decided to stay here until next year-nice, easy and cheap but not really what we wanted.

It’s amazing what a night away can do. After staying away for a night, going out for dinner and generally having a good time, we thought screw this. Let’s go. So as soon as I got home I booked the tickets and i’m now doing the last of the packing.

We’re nothing if not fickle.

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TheCrone said...

Just found your blog!

Looking forward to reading more from you :)