Friday, August 8, 2008

And done

After a night on the boat, three days in the car and 16 nights in a tent I am finally back in Queensland. In a highset Queenslander of course-I couldn't live in a soulless brick thing in the Heritage City! The house is mostly unpacked and life is back to a very good normal. The pot garden is rapidly multiplying and actually GROWING here-woohoo, i'll get to eat fully ripened homegrown pumpkins soon! And watermelon, mmm. Ironically, the strawberries grew more in the two weeks they spent in a plastic bag than they did in six months in Tassie.

The mass creation thing? Slack I know, the blog isn't living up to it's byline. But i've been sewing, getting something out of my head that i've been planning and unable to do for months due to sickness and moving. It's been a hectic year. And now I can start making things for this baby-no making any cutesy pink stuff dammit, there was definitely something swinging between the legs there!

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Kristy said...

Just a quick belated Congratulations from me! Hugest best wishes, and whispers to the newest Little One growing! xo

(nice work on the moving house, UNI and the succesful garden at the same time lol *wink*)