Monday, September 17, 2012

Fevered crafty post

  I have blogged nothing i’ve made since I got to the last house, in a different state, last February! And it feels like i’ll i’ve done is makemakemake. So here’s what was clean for this photo session, and I may get to the rest another day.

P7112011Hoodie for Lols-to Imke in Sewing Clothes Kids Love, with pixie hood. Most complimented item, hands-down.


P7112015 Hoodie for Sparkles-also to Imke

P7111996 Not bad for my first t-shirt-with Imke, again, but needs to be narrowed substantially.

P7111998 Twirly skirt for Oods-my pattern. I’ll get around to finishing the 20 i’ve half-made to sell one day

P7112000 Sparkles

P7112001 Lols-love her taste in fabrics

P7112003 Pants for Frosty, green of course, to some vintage pattern. Yes, they’re well worn!

P7112005 Shorty’s version

P7112006 Chenille pants for Shorty too-they make him look like a teddy bear

P7112007 Pants for Lols, to a Burda pattern

P7112009 Sparkles’ version

P7112010   The Fred Bare rip-off kaftan in a fabric I couldn’t resist


Library bags for my independent reading girls-Sparkles


And Lols

A little bit of frivolity from me-crochet hook wallet from Sew Darn Cute (much better than the rubber band method)



And vinyl/felt needle book (much better than the loose in drawer method).



And the only pic of anything crochet i’ve done (mostly beanies for all the kids and a handful of dishcloths, plus gauntlets for me).


Ponytail beanie for Sparkles.

  Now i’m back to full-time study, i’ve managed to knit half a dishcloth and mend a sleeping bag in the last six weeks after moving interstate. As well as build fences, chicken and sheep wrangle and dig an extraordinary amount, but that’s all for another post (or not, knowing me).

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