Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

And i’ve managed to get these up by February-that’s excellent for me!
First up, a tie-dyed t-shirt for each of the kids. It looks a bit ‘crazy homeschooled family’ when they all decide to wear them at once and are sort of matching, but meh.
For Oods, a book bag. She is a total bookworm, so now has her very own bag with pockets for her library card and other treasures. Instead of adding her books to the family pile and having us do it all, she does it all herself. And doesn’t she just love it?
I’ve got all the pics for a tutorial for this-i’ll get around to writing it sometime.
I made the boys a backpack each, using the pattern and tute from Indietutes. If I did it again I would line them, but overall it’s pretty good pattern for beginners. All from stash fabric, i’m still attempting to use it all up-I swear, it BREEDS.
The husband gets the credit for these beauties-he’s completely onboard with the handmade now, and made these for the clones. Five is probably a bit old in mainstream terms for hobby horses, but no-one has told them that so they’ve been thoroughly enjoying them.

For the husband, the Bastard Shorts. He didn’t actually get these on the day-he received a parcel of the pieces cut out because he didn’t get out of the house enough for me to finish them. They’re bastards because he made me make them properly-waistband, facing, fly etc ad nauseum. I was just going to elastic waistband them-he told me that he is not a toddler and wears real clothes. Ahem. The Spotlight pattern was terrible and I swore a lot-BUT I DID THEM. Now I can erase them from memory.
The kids made presents for each other too, but I don’t have photos of much without them in it. However, Oods made this patchwork cushion for the husband all by herself, having never done patchwork before. I was pretty impressed.
Then churned out a small bag for each of her siblings.
Santa brought a set of Derwents, a box of craft supplies and the Planet Earth/Life boxed set, which we’re still working through. Plus a few little things that we never get them otherwise, like hairclips. We’re not good at frippery, so we’re lucky Santa is.
Then, the food. Oh, the food! Unconventional, but proof you can have a delicious feast without killing anything or putting on 5kgs.
Grissini and crudites with tzatziki and spinach, garlic and feta dips. Lentil balls with relish and vegies baked in cheese sauce. Chocolate pudding and blueberry cheesecake. And lots of fresh fruit. All made from scratch, including the yogurt for the tzatziki, and some of it homegrown. It took us two days to finish it all up, and I was sad when we did.


Tamara Kelly said...

Hey! Kirk still thinks hobby horses are great fun!

And have you looked at Japanese tie-dye techniques? They're a bit different and actually they're sewn & tied so you get a while heap of different patterns.

Thanks for calling by the other day. Kirk was ecstatic to see his old bike and proclaimed loudly how small it was now and then stuck Skye on it and pushed her around the paddock. AHAHAHA
Why did you return it? Surely no. 5 still fits it? Skye doesn't yet!

Miss Practicality said...

His legs are too stumpy for it! And D returned it because we now have no car, so don't know when we'll be up again. Cashed in the rego and all, so lets see how long we can go car-free for.

Shibori-not yet. Looks fantastic but i'm still such a newbie at it. And Kirk is also homeschooled, so still has his own taste in toys :P

Tamara Kelly said...

AHhaha - the bike wasn't a loan - you were welcome to keep it :-))))
Let me know when Stumpy grows some legs.