Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh how the smug has fallen

After I had Frosty I was one of those horrible people who don't do any exercise and eat whatever they like yet steadily lose weight. It was fantastic. Not exactly as easy as it sounds as it was a result of ravenous round-the-clock breastfeeding, but it was a great side effect. I thoroughly enjoyed eating masses of chocolate in front of my husband, and being able to say I need high energy food, suck it up husband, i'm not making you eat it. Then it got to the point where I hit 55kgs and started to look gaunt, which wasn't so fantastic, and so decided it was time to cut feeds right back to three a day-this was around his first birthday after all, it's hardly as if he was relying on it.

I then started to put on a little weight. Only a little, so I filled out and looked healthy again. Then a little more...............and today I got on the scales and I now weigh 60.1kgs. Crap. I know, it's hardly obese but five kilos has just crept up on me in a matter of months. This is bad. This is the result of me being a big lazybones in regards to exercise-I just don't. Unless you count getting up to make another cup of tea. I eat quite well overall, there's not much I could change there. And i'm still breastfeeding thrice daily, I don't want to think about what would happen if I stopped completely.

So this afternoon I ran around the house yard a few times, and I am so embarrassingly, shamefully unfit. And I got to do it to the husband's version of a pep talk 'Run faster tubby! Go on fatty, do another lap!' he yelled while he sat and watched me. Damn. I knew he'd get me back.

Now I shall do it regularly, as penance for my smug ways. It's about time I got healthy again.


Saminda said...

Oh, I hear ya girl. :( I eat well (aside from the chocolate thing), but am falling short in the exercise department. Of course, weaning altogether... and then turning 30.... well, I figure it's only going to get worse. Unless I do something about it!!!!

So, you're not alone. I simply must join you in the running of house block laps. Starting tomorrow! xo

arromyf said...

Oh, the running around the house thing gave me giggles LOL.

I am so unfit too, i get puffed running after the kids most days :(

Kelly said...

I did laps morning and afternoon today, am feeling very virtuous. And i'm going to run up the driveway when we get home in daylight hours-that will be a serious workout, it's almost vertical in parts.

It's hard here though-we used to walk heaps in suburbia, just stuff the kids in the giant pram and be off. But there's nowhere to go here, it's been surprising to see the difference.

Tamara Kelly said...

...quiet sobbing in corner....

MuMmARat said...

I'm really trying hard to not laugh at the pep talk you got while running LOL

Atleast you've had a good 18months to not have to worry about it and I'm jealous that feeding helped you to keep it off while still eating what you want and not exercising.

I had to work my bloody butt off to get anything to shift and now that T has weaned I'm worried about what will happen.

Kelly said...

See, i'm jealous of you Nat-you have the mojo. Whereas i'm going to drop dead of a heart attack by the time i'm 35 at the rate i'm going. I need to go to boot camp or something I think, get over the first hurdle of un-fitness so things get easier. I call the first year of F's life my Frosty boot camp, it was insane living on that little sleep while having to produce that much milk!

Tam, i'll join you there in a couple of months when the scale has continued creeping upwards.

Jen said...

That last baby did me in too. I am used to be 50kg pre babies but that wasn't healthy on my frame. Sometime after baby 2 I felt that 60kg was a good healthy weight for my height and managed to stay there even after baby 3. Baby 4 has just killed all my theories about breastfeeding keeping weight off. It may have worked while tandem feeding but I definitely eat too much for only 1 baby and I don't think lugging the washing basket 5 metres out into the backyard is really enough exercise for a day yet it is almost all I do.

I am now 74kg, gaining almost a kg a week. Looks like it is time for laps around the block for me, not just the house.

Good luck on losing some weight, I hope it doesn't mean giving up chocolate entirely. I couldn't handle that here.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW