Saturday, April 24, 2010

And stuff

Hmm, life. Has been difficult lately. But i'll skip that.

12 in 12 March challenge-a stuffed ambulance for Master R, who turned 4 earlier this month, but seems to think he's in the terrible twos instead, if the massive screaming fits are anything to go by.I also made him a bag for his cars, but the pics for that are still in the camera.

I didn't stabilise it because our power set up won't run an iron. And I CBB doing fiddly wheels, so I drew them on with a laundry marker. So shoot me. He loves it. 'Look, I is dwiving the amboolance!'


Apart from that I have gone blank. I've done so much but none of it seems like something I feel like blogging about. But I feel some rants coming on in the next few days, should be fun.


Saminda said...

Bring on the rants, Kelly - it'll make you feel better! :( Sorry to hear things have been tough. I'm thinking of you guys, let me know if I can help! xo

Ramsey said...

How about an update on those veggie beds?
I hope normality and smiles return soon.

Kelly said...

My rant was actually about something completely different! There's nothing really rantable in my daily life right now, i'm being rather Buddhist and not letting myself care. But thanks for caring :)

My camera was off getting fixed for yonks, so i'll have to get out to the garden now i've got it back. Soon!