Sunday, May 17, 2009

And done.

Moving is done. It was hell. I don't think I have it in me to move ever again. We're planning on counting up all the different places we've lived in our eight years together-should be scary.

But I don't think I will ever want to move again. It is paradise here. Apart from a few hissy fits (still continuing) about life being just so damn hard with no fridge/oven/hot water on tap/automatic washing machine it is perfect. All the problems are fixable, and if this is as hard as it gets we're laughing. I love driving down our road, it's like we enter another world far, far away from the modern one-and far, far better.

The chook collection is already burgeoning-we had six Australorp pullets ordered, but before they got here bought some New Hampshires, a rooster called Rodney and his four girls, plus had a frizzled Australorp thrown in. Then the pullets arrived so now they are 12. I can see this becoming an addiction. The mulch pit is taking shape, D is going to grow muscles on his muscles (i'm needed to um, supervise. Oh, who am I kidding, i'm weak!) We need to do something better than the current greywater system of running it onto the grass, ugh. (We have moved it away from the house though).

No pics, rural phone lines mean dialup only and that meanders along at about 22kb/s on a good day-bring on satellite!

But i'm loving the peace. I'm loving waking up in the morning to see trees, looking out the window from the couch and spotting a wallaby and just having time. This is it, after so long spent running around like madfolk we're here. I've even noticed my brain slow down it's frantic pace-maybe now i'll be able to hold a decent conversation without skipping around on topics, I swear people must think i'm on speed sometimes. It's good to finally feel calm again, it ended up being an impossible state of mind in suburbia.

So worth the stress and worry-at 25 I have my big dreams all done and the rest of my life to enjoy them all. Such an awesome feeling.

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