Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go girls!

The chooks are laying!

After threatening the chooks numerous times with the axe (which the kids were slavering to use on them, the little barbarians), they relented and began laying. Poor girls, the first few were all covered with blood and you could hear a mighty clucking from the nesting box, but the two that are laying seem to be used to it now. So we are now self-sufficient in eggs! Once the other two start laying we’ll have eggs galore, and I want to get another four chooks to make a decent chicken tractor, so we can start producing something to barter. Next door is always throwing us his excess vegetables from the garden, he loves that the kid will eat raw broad beans and carrots, so it’ll be great to give them something back.
Eggs, straight from the chooks' bum :P

And our girls

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